Service Policy

You’re in Charge!

It is standard for a home care agency to send the caregiver of their choice. At Absolute Angels you have the opportunity to meet and interview the caregiver recommended by our management. We know it isn’t easy to invite a new caregiver into your life or your home. That’s why our policy of prior caregiver approval is appreciated so much. Our “You are in charge” approach is designed to maximize your peace of mind by choosing a caregiver you have faith in.

Security is Crucial

You can have faith in Absolute Angels. We do criminal background checks prior to hiring, and each Angel is bonded and insured. Additionally, our Director of Admissions screens each applicant to insure that the right type of personality is present for a caregiver career.

We’re Proactive

At Absolute Angels, no grass grows under our feet. Our Angels’ activities can be computer monitored. When an Angel arrives at your home, they call in via a computerized telephone system which records the exact time they arrived. If an Angel is delayed, our office is immediately and automatically notified so that we may respond with a replacement before your loved one becomes upset. Upon completion of our Angels’ daily assignment, once again the computer program records exactly when they leave. There is no need to bother you or your loved one with signing of time cards and no possibility of a misunderstanding occurs over hours. All Absolute Angels does is check the real time records in our computerized accounting system. Since this system only works off your family’s telephone, there are no over or under billings, we know exactly what is going on and when, and everybody has peace of mind.

You can afford the very best

Because your loved one receives homecare, they receive the best care available. No need to worry about too many patients competing for the attention of staff because you or your loved one are the only ones being cared for in your home. As for expense, most people do not need to pay for “around the clock care” when perhaps a dozen hours per week is sufficient to maintain independence. A typical year long stay in an Alzheimer Unit can start at $75,000. The average cost of a retirement Center begins at $61,000. The average cost is $35,000 for your assisted living, but at Absolute Angels the average cost is $11,500 because you set how many hours you need a week. Finally, it is unnecessary to pay franchise fees. A large portion of profit is sent to a franchisor’s national office. At Absolute Angels, profit is placed back into the hands of the caregivers because a well paid caregiver is a motivated, happy, and reliable worker.


Our staff is comprised of Angels who have background and degrees in the people helping professions: such as Human Resources, Business, Mental Health Program Coordination, Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant and Biblical Studies for those “end of life” conversations. In addition, Absolute Angels is affiliated with not-for-profit organizations that promote the education of caregivers. With 210+ local care giving agencies as members, we are able to network and brainstorm daily when unique situations arise in the care giving world. Although franchisors have their strength, “out of the box” thinking is reserved for those not required by contract to only respond to clients in a corporate way.

15 Minute Responses

At Absolute Angels we have a “No Wait Policy.” If it is an emergency to you it’s an emergency to us. If you call after normal office hours, which are Monday thru Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, and you don’t get a live body, leave a detailed message and staff will get back with you. Depending on the message left you may ask for immediate call back or request to be called first thing the following day.


Office Hours: 10:00AM to 3:00PM, Monday thru Friday